Rain EP

  • ARTISTS: Morphic Wave
  • DATE: 14.03.2014
  • CATALOG: Resiliens008D

It's raining...and in a raining day the mind wonders, getting lost in the hypnotic repeating rhythm of the drops, which is musical, it's techno!
Somehow, this hypnotic repeating/beating slightly smooths the everyday caos, getting it back to the origin: the rhythm.
The storm is disquieting but arouses respect. Ancestral, primitive, deep noises and sensations penetrate and shake us. That's the maximum expression of power which, as all intense things, is fated to end in an almost innatural and extraordinary peace. Even though the calm after the storm is extremely delicate, it seems so strong due to its huge power unchained during the storm itself.
The unbreakable relation between these two moments containes the sense of life, which can be summed up in rhythm and balance.