Pursuit EP

  • ARTISTS: Morphic Wave
  • DATE: 24.07.2012
  • CATALOG: Resiliens001

Resiliens Recordings is not only a simply independent record label but it presents itself as a project much more detailed and complex. It wants to be an idea, an impulse: the paradigm of artistic, visual and sound contemporaneity.
The purpose of the group is to reinvent, assimilate and re rework the contemporaneity according to an independent and multifaceted artistic sensibility. According to its intrinsic meaning, Resiliens was created with the intention of creating a new way of thinking and making art, able to react to external influences of modernity, transforming it without getting stunned. The genesis of a movement that embraces every artistic aspect, in a profound synergic interaction and collaboration between heterogeneous parts whose point of arrival is a complete artistic experience, in its deepest sense.
The final goal of Resiliens is therefore change the existing schemes, through clear and obvious messages around the entire artistic path: from production to exposure.