Psychosis EP

  • ARTISTS: Tym
  • DATE: 18.12.2015

Psychosis EP is the collection of four musical sessions that have been composed straight off, in a very instinctive way, almost irrational, overdubbing of overdubbing, in an attempt to describe the mental processes and cognitive differences of a devious mind than "normal".
The first track, Losing Contact, recounts the process of estrangement from reality; through mental loops, the brain goes elsewhere without going further back, being completely free from social patterns.
Mental Labyrinth expresses the sense of unease through dark and discordant atmospheres, on a acid carpet; when the mind is immersed in irrationality , any moment seems to reassure a paranoid.
Paracusia is born during an afternoon, in a moment of stunning following a sleepless night, long delays reporting the brain to the night before and the mind seems to rejoice only in front of endlessy repeated sounds.
Ketamine is the complete disintegration of reason, as if we would be constantly under the influence of drugs: sounds coming from the ambience and chained. The estrangement is now complete, but is it so unlikely that in the "normal" minds never fail to appear irrational or euphoric moments followed by depression?
Psychosis EP is this: the death of a cliche, journey into unexplored part of our soul.