Profonda Atmosfera

  • ARTISTS: Antonio Ruscito
  • DATE: 19.09.2014
  • CATALOG: Resiliens011D

The idea behind the creation of this project is to make a simulated journey through the auditory sensations evoked by the atmospheric layers. The heart of the entire work is precisely described by the atmospheres, whose characteristic sounds serve as the guiding principle of all the different tracks. The same atmosphere that surrounds the groove is dominated by sounds similar to the cosmic nature, deep and repeated. The "tracks" of this virtual itinerary respect the division of Earth's atmosphere, taking from it the name and the characteristics: the more you move away from the ground and more, in 'listening, the feeling of being in the dark and empty is intense. The exploration of the depths of cosmic starts from the Troposphere, the layer that is in direct contact with the Earth. It represents an initial departure from the terrestrial reality full of optimism, the first step towards the cosmic continent. The Stratosphere follows the Troposphere. In this band the break beat introduces the tumultuous state of the 'ozone layer and the chill one of Mesosphere. In this last segment, the temperature reaches its minimum value, the gasses become more rarefied and the influence of the earth's surface becomes non-existent. Through repeated and short sounds the traveler is transported to a distant landscape, devoid of warm and life. The same auditory sensations, solitary, deep, are perceived in the Termosphere. The solar radiation, at this point, starts to make the temperature rise until reaching a maximum in the outer layer of the atmosphere, the Exosphere. It is here that the traveler is surrounded by the vacuum. The perception of this scorching and remote landscape is supported by a base of warm synth surrounded by rapid shards of sound. The reunification of all mental representations arising in this trip takes place in the "Deep Space." It is the ultimate destination, the final track where the traveler, eager for new intergalactic sounds, is left at the mercy of the possibility of discovering new hidden dimensions of the universe, and with them new auditory sensations.