Mind uploading EP

  • ARTISTS: ji@
  • DATE: 20.01.2014
  • CATALOG: Resiliens007D

ji@ (aka Gianluca Angelini) creates this EP concept with the aim of exploring the "mind uploading". The "Mind uploading", also called brain emulation, is the hypothetical process of copying a conscious mind from a brain to a non biologic underlayer. The process consists in a scanning and a detailed biologic-brain mapping and in the copy of its state into an informatic system or into another calculation apparatus. The computer will run a model simulation as accurate as the original that the simulated mind would consequently, in substance, react in the same way as the original brain or, for all the practical aims, in an unnoticeable way. The simulated brain would be considered part of the virtual reality of the simulated world and it could be supported by an anatomic tridimensional model simulating the body. As alternative, the simulated mind could stay in a computer (or connected to it) within an human robot either within a biologic body, substituting the brain.