Calmchaos EP

  • ARTISTS: Zeno
  • DATE: 01.08.2015
  • CATALOG: Resiliens 014D

CALMCHAOS EP represents an acoustic and musical exploration of the concept of Entropy. Entropy is a principle relevant to all the Universe matter; according to the entropic principle, each organized and vital system has the intrinsic tendency to deteriorate through time and to loose complexity, until it reaches a state of absolute non-differentiation of all available matter and energy: a calm chaos. And it doesn't deal with death at all.
Entropy leads Everything to de-structuration and equal-distribution within a specific space. The Universe itself derives from a primordial punctiform and entropic state, from which it emerges through a powerful and traumatic event and then it returns to the state of perfect entropy: and the loop goes on, eternal and unchangeable.

Originating elements are always in opposition within an entropic system. Emptiness, Fullness, Time, Energy, Sound and Silence define space: physical, aesthetic and acoustic space, are something of dynamic, in which the artist's assignment is to measure elements, in order to create an evolving complexity. Thus, musical time may emerge, through a manipulation of entropy, from a chaotic rhythm. Short sounds may interact with long sounds, giving form and defining borders. Concrete sounds and synthesized sounds may oppose, in order to create acoustic misperceptions. Distortion and pureness may and must match, in an entropic system.

CALMCHAOS EP explores acoustical landscapes referred to the concepts of Entropy, Chaos and Organization, through a mental path between Techno, Electronic and Glitch suggestions. Deep, evolving pads keep chasing each other, while rhythmic elements interlace the plot traced by the three tracks composing the EP. Short and long sounds interchange creating a total and hypnotic immersion in the particular emotion that characterizes the whole EP. Clear and distorted sounds are carefully dosed, in order to compose a mind experience, even before an acoustical one.