Anthropogenesis EP

  • ARTISTS: nAX_Acid/Dj Datch
  • DATE: 17.02.2015
  • CATALOG: Resiliens012D

The creation of the world, the history of the first human being and the evolution of the man inspire the EP tracks: Habilis, Herectus, Antecessor and Sapiens.
Anthropogenesis EP experiments synths and modulations, creating an electronic and mental techno with aggressive and compact atmospheres, scanned by dark elements.
Habilis is intense, experimental and characterized by a few, but hypnotic, enigmatic and psychedelic sounds. As the human being, the tracks evolve, ricing the irregular kick of Herectus, lightened by a persuasive ambient and by energetic effects.
The evolving process leads then to the development of new hominids, the Antecessors, inspiring the name of the third track, characterized by little variations of loops and overlapping while a beating pattern keeps radiating from inside.
Sapiens, instead, represents the modern world, a psychedelic trip into the dark techno with a dogged rhythm associated to visionary atmospheres.
The remix is by nAX_Acid and it is extremely "old school", with acid sonorities, typical of the artist.